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Gostudy is a search engine for university, college and private education websites. It was developed as an information portal for anyone wanting info on what and where to study. Users include, learners at school, parents, university and college students and those looking at studying a course for any reason whatsoever.

The gostudy website also provides quick links for study fees, residences and application forms. Searching multiple university and college websites can be time consuming. Gostudy provides quick access to study information without having to navigate through the home page and all the subsequent pages.

About Pace Careers

PACE Career Centre has been assisting youth with their career decisions for the past 19 years. The organization is Southern Africa’s largest career guidance company with an impressive client base of 3500 schools, 21 of South Africa’s top Universities, 63% of all FET colleges, and several larger corporates such as Old Mutual, Standard Bank, and Cheveron Texaco, etc.

PACE Career Centre publishes books and software, and trains teachers for the Department of Education. The organisiation specialises in large scale projects aimed at developing career guidance infrastructure both in South Africa as well as in the SADEC region.

The organization was started in 1991 by Mr. Avron Herr and Mr. Dennis Stead, both of whom are Industrial Psychologists.

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.Mobi Coming Soon
There is generation of young people who will be using their mobile phones as a primary means to access the internet. Dot mobi sites are constructed lean so information and graphics are kept to a minimum.

There is evidence to suggest that more and more young people are requesting information from our mobile phone. At our PACE offices we are getting requests for career info via mobile phone.

For this reason PACE Career Centre has bought the rights to the gostudy.mobi brand as well as the gostudy.info brand for international use. Watch this space for more info about .mobi.

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